Episode 74

Lebanese Architect Alaa Bou Ghanem

October 3, 2022

Alaa Bou Ghanem

A.B. Group - Principal

In this episode of the The Power of Design Podcast. I’m talking to my Friend Alaa Bou Ghanem. Alaa is an architect, founder, and CEO of A.B. Group, an architectural design firm in Charlotte, NC. Alaa is a talented and hard-working immigrant who took the leap to believe in himself and started his own business. After only two years of building a team, he is currently working on a variety of interesting projects. Like myself, Alaa came to the United States looking for opportunities to improve his life. And after years of disciplined work and dedication, he can now build a better future for himself and his family. I’m excited about what he will do and inspired by his positive attitude and energy.